Hasanin Sadeq and Diwaniya’s vibrant art scene

On a warm Autumn evening in central Iraq, Hawraa Adnan visited the Arts Palace of Diwaniya and caught up with up-and-coming artist Hasanin Sadeq to talk ambition, creative influences, and Iraq’s art scene… Iraqi artist Hasanin Sadeq makes social statements through art. Image: Hawraa Adnan Like many in Iraq, Hasanin Sadeq is no stranger to the tumult and uprooting that comes with war.Born and raised… Continue reading Hasanin Sadeq and Diwaniya’s vibrant art scene

A Blooming Future for Iraqi Theatre – Published by Avenoir

It’s 47 degrees Celsius on a Ramadan morning and an Iraqi director is heading to work at the Arts Palace of Diwaniya. Work hours during Ramadan are usually cut short, but for Sadiq Marzog, the work doesn’t stop. He starts at 9am, has a break at 2pm, and then returns after breaking his fast at 8pm to continue work into the late evening hours. The … Continue reading A Blooming Future for Iraqi Theatre – Published by Avenoir

An evening at Koohsangi

In Mashhadi culture, as with many other middle eastern cultures, noon is lunch and nap time. All the stores will be closed, streets will be empty and people will be napping until the later afternoon. From the late afternoon until midnight (and beyond) the shopping districts and restaurants will be bustling, and the streets filled with energetic and renewed people. Afternoon time in the spring … Continue reading An evening at Koohsangi

A Green Future for an Iraqi Village

…it is in every day life itself that we find the making of hope. – We are Iraqis: Aesthetics and politics in a time of war. Heavy smoking, politics and chai; these three things happen all over Iraq, all the time. For the villagers of Al-bunahidh, the ritual of chai and politics has been repeated daily since 1947, taking place in their village guest hall. Each afternoon, decade … Continue reading A Green Future for an Iraqi Village

Virani museum of anthropology

Khorasan Razavi, north east of Iran is a region of numerous handicrafts, skillfully made with classic Persian designs and bright colours. These handicrafts, from glamorous sequined table clothes to Paisley slippers to cooking pots are proudly displayed at both cultural regions as well as the flashiest of malls. In the historic stop over town of Virani, an old building that was once a caravansary from the … Continue reading Virani museum of anthropology